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Why Phuket Golf Is The Superb Choice To Offer The Best Golfing Expedition?

Why Phuket Golf Is The Superb Choice To Offer The Best Golfing Expedition?

Phuket is a world-class golf destination, with eight courses offering unique play, stunning landscapes and challenging play for beginner and experienced golfers. The exotic palm-fringed island of Phuket, the Pearl of the Andaman Sea, is fast becoming a golfing paradise. Long renowned for its glamorous resorts, unique marine life, pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife, the exotic island of Phuket has now gained international recognition as being the golfing center of Asia. The endless number of activities to do with Phuket Golf will make every hour of the stay memorable, exhilarating and the most fun anyone will ever have.

Awesome Golfing With Phuket Golf

Phuket is the Most Popular Destination in Southeast Asia. Phuket Island, on the west coast of Thailand, has long been an attraction for vacationers in Southeast Asia. Where ever you choose to play golf in Phuket, it is usually possible to book a whole package with all facilities. Phuket Golf mainly located quite close to beach resorts, making it a win-win situation for tourists who can play off golf and then go to the beach and relax. Your Phuket Golf can be as relaxing or as busy as you want it to be, with every lush amenity at your disposal whilst on your golf holiday. Again Phuket offers spectacular golfing scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea awaits you at Asia's most popular beach destination.

Amazing Features Of Phuket Golf

Golf in Phuket is an ultimate freedom in Thailand. However, when you combine this popular sport with the exotic beauty of this pearl shaped island, what you get is the amazing Phuket golf experience. Playing Phuket Golf is something that golfer should not miss, once they are here in Phuket. Thailand has plenty of good courses but only in Phuket it is possible to enjoy first class golf plus hotels in all categories, beautiful beaches and lastly excellent food and a varied night life. Considering the very high quality of the golf courses and resorts, green fees remain below many competing destinations, making phuket tough to beat when it comes to value for money golf holidays not just in Asia but around the world.

If you have the dream to play golf in a tropical island with an amazing landscape Phuket, PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS, one of the best golf operator provides services for golf holidays in Phuket. You will get special Phuket golf package with accommodation, green fees and golf tee time with us. We are more than happy to tailor made special golf package in Phuket for you and do all effort to make your holiday memorable.

With beautiful golf courses and charming features, Phuket Island is truly a golfer’s paradise. Phuket Golf is brought you the most interesting experience ever in the game of golf at most varying level. Get more information to visit our plus google page @  goo.gl/6zJJdj.

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Are You All Set To Take Mission Hills Phuket As The Best Golfing Itinerary?

Are You All Set To Take Mission Hills Phuket As The Best Golfing Itinerary?

A championship world-class 18 hole golf course created by the one and only Nicklaus Design; Mission Hills Phuket is a golfer’s dream situated on the paradise isle of Phuket. Mission Hills golf course offers postcards landscapes and spectacular views over Phang Nga bay, and the proximity of the sea makes this course worth a visit because of the sensational atmosphere that emerges. Located in the northeast part of the island only ten minutes from Phuket International Airport, the complex is also a resort and a spa, offering first class services. Flat, this course nonetheless requires precision and technique to avoid the beautiful white sandy bunkers, and water hazards that are present on seven of the eighteen holes.

Startling Features Of Mission Hills Phuket

Golfers playing at tropical Mission Hills Phuket will enjoy the wide range of facilities and services on offer. In addition to the vast array of superior equipment ready for hire, golf enthusiasts can also brush up on their game with a private lesson from a fully qualified PGA Coach or become a member and benefit from unlimited rounds of play and discounts at the spa, business centre and restaurants. Families who would like to play together will be pleased to know that children may also participate in golf, whilst off the course there are a host of other amenities including a fitness room, swimming pool and five-star spa to keep non-golfing family members amused.

Golfing Skins Of Mission Hills Phuket

The Mission Hills Golf Course in Phuket evidently carries the signature of a Jack Nicklaus design, with large sandy waste areas and water bodies. Mission Hills Phuket is a premier retreat offering contemporary luxury, appetizing cuisine and thoughtful service. The magnificent bits about this golf course though are the views of the ocean which at times is almost on the edge. The golf course conditioning and general upkeep of the clubhouse was a drawback in the past but with the reinforced attention & work, the golf course is now a good addition to golf in Phuket & does justice to a superb setting and design.

PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS, the online golf operator in Thailand continues to grow every year and attracts ever increasing numbers of foreign tourists to come and play in the sunshine, whilst enjoying everything else that this amazing Mission Hills Phuket offers. With excellent local contacts and wealth of local knowledge, we are able to ensure the golf break or holiday that suits your skills, interest, budget and time requirements.

Mission Hills Phuket has no similarity with any of the other golf courses of Phuket and really is a jewel of a course. It is well maintained and truly is a dream to play a round of golf.

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How Loch Palm Golf Course Offers The Best Landscape For Golfing Retreat?

How Loch Palm Golf Course Offers The Best Landscape For Golfing Retreat?

Nestling beneath a panoramic range of jungle-clad hills, Loch Palm Golf Course is easily going although still capable of throwing down many challenges and giving any Phuket golfer a thorough workout. As the club’s name suggests, palm trees are liberally dotted around this parkland layout, although never too densely. Beautiful rolling hills provide a scenic backdrop to the lush green fairways, and a refreshing cool breeze blows gently off the water. The Loch Palm Golf Club Phuket has recently undergone extensive renovations which have brought it up to compete with some of the best courses in Thailand. Formerly known as the Phuket Century Country Club, this charming course, which gently molds itself around the natural environment, will challenge golfers of all abilities.

Golfing Paradise At Loch Palm Golf Course

Enjoy a relaxing golf vacation in beautiful Loch Palm Golf Course, Thailand. Lock Palm is located on Phuket Island. It is in the Kathu District, nearby Phuket Town and Patong Beach and is nestled below a range of peaks between the Katu Waterfalls and Katu village. Visitors to Loch Palm will enjoy golf, water activities, shopping, nightlife and more. The Loch Palm Golf Course with 18 hole, par 72, has been built around Crystal Lake, the largest body of water on any Phuket golf course, the course has smooth slopes and remarkable elevation changes, taking you across and around ravines and plateaus that test all levels of skill.

Challenging Intensity Of Loch Palm Golf Course

As such, golfers can enjoy a refreshing breeze off the water while having a game of golf. The Loch Palm Golf Course has 18 holes, in a layout that can rival some of the best on the island. With magnificent views, challenging landscape and capacious clubhouses, the Loch Palm Golf Club promises to leave you a satisfied and rejuvenated. The front nine holes allow you to golf among lakes and palm trees. When you hit the back nine, you are immersed in mountains and will find yourself hitting uphill and downhill – a true test of skill for any golfer. The course is scenic and challenging.

PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS is one of the most experienced Golf operators in Phuket. Our objective is to provide you the best price, coupled with on-time and courteous service and flexible easy payment options so you and your guests may enjoy a fabulous and relaxing golf experience during your time in Loch Palm Golf Course Phuket. We look forward to making your Golf trip here in Phuket an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Loch Palm Golf Course is surely going to making your trip a memorable and immensely enjoyable one. Plan your trip intelligently ahead of time and you will be glad to realize that your golf holiday shall be one of the best you ever had.

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How Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket Seems As An Exciting Golf Course?

How Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket Seems As An Exciting Golf Course?

Red Mountain Golf Club has several design themes present throughout the course, one of them being to give players a different challenge on every hole. This course is Phuket’s highest and as such commands unsurpassed breath-taking views out over the surrounding area and the Andaman Sea from many points along the way. Sitting right in the heart of the island Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket is easily accessible from all of Phuket’s resorts. This is the highest course in Phuket and some of the views from various points of the golf course are breathtaking.

The Undulating Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket

The Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket is a visually stunning golf course, especially as soft red rock merges with thick jungle which surrounds this golf course. A course which expects golfers to utilize their experience in order to overcome its many holes, the Red Mountain Golf Club is built on a former tin mine which adds to the whole atmosphere of the course. Situated in the centre of Phuket Island, the Red Mountain Golf Club has a modern clubhouse and a grass driving range. Just like the terrain there will be plenty of ups and downs along the way, especially given the large number of water hazards.

Amazing Appeals Of Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket

Red Mountain Golf Course has captivating sight comprising of dramatically undulating landscape. Here, dense jungle and soft red rock get transformed into a layout which is challenging yet playable. The Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket is seen as spectacular and features multiple dramatic elevation changes plus landforms. Hole-routing explores four corners of this formidable play ground. There are gullies and cliffs etched into sandy tailings over years through storm waters are quite visible on different holes. A good number of other holes are framed by flooded canyons and towering cliffs. So this is considered one of the most beautiful and exciting golf courses in Phuket.

Those who follow an active lifestyle and enjoy the game golfing, PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS provides them an ultimate high with the no 1 golf course named as Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket. We offer the ultimate golf package service as well as hospitality packages in Phuket. Our travel consultants recognize the fact that there are as many different types of golf vacations as there are golfers, and they are ready to customize a golf package around your every need.

The Red Mountain Golf Club Phuket look contrasts sharply with wild local grasses which provide rough for those who fail to find the fairway. So start exploring this amazing golfing landscape for sure!

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How Golf Courses In Phuket Offer A Great Option Of Golfing To Relax?

How Golf Courses In Phuket Offer A Great Option Of Golfing To Relax?

Phuket is Thailand’s largest, most densely inhabited and most visited island. A whirl of colour and cosmopolitanism, Thailand’s only island province revolves around and thrives on tourism, but still retains a spark of the real Thailand. There are a hundred and one ways to pass the day in Phuket. There are also more tourists here than on any other Thai island. It certainly knows how to cater to tourists’ needs. Golf holidays in Phuket are a golfer's vision with championship golf courses, picturesque beaches with first class resort. Thailand offers some of the best Golf Courses In Phuket to find the relaxing appeal of warm, island breezes with beautiful beaches and some of the best golf in the world!

Appealing Golf Courses In Phuket Needs For:

Phuket is a great place for recreational activities and golf is especially popular. Plenty of notable Golf Courses In Phuket are scattered around the Thailand and often easy to reach. Many courses in Phuket are part of special vacation packages, which combine both accommodation and professional tuition. Golf is a sport that actually demands good scenery and it is a well known fact that no other destination in the world matches the sheer beauty of Phuket. Merging the mountains, the jungles and the sparkling blue ocean, Phuket is bliss from any angle. Golfers from around the globe visit Phuket to indulge in a completely unique and absolutely relaxing golfing experience.

Range Of Golf Courses In Phuket:

Phuket is so much more than just a long line of breathtaking beaches. In fact, it is a renowned world class golf destination and there are eight unique Golf Courses In Phuket which boast unparalleled landscapes and offer a challenging golfing experience for both beginners and seasoned golfers alike. The Golf Courses In Phuket are namely Blue Canyon Country Course, Blue Canyon Lakes Course, Laguna Phuket Golf Club, Loch Palm Golf Club, Mission Hills Golf Resort, Phuket Country Club, Phunaka Golf Club and Red Mountain Golf Club.

Are you a golf lover? Let’s plan your golf program with PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS ranging from the local course to the world class course. We can assist you in booking the course together with round trip transfer. Our service includes professional advice on the selection of Phuket golf courses through our tour guide with whom we promise to give you the best service. So if you're looking for unforgettable golf holidays in Phuket, then we will place you a number of championship courses.

If you are ready for golf holiday, this stunning island Phuket is one of the great holiday destinations in the world and Golf Courses In Phuket provide the real golfing luxury to everyone.

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Start Your Dream Golf Phuket To Discover The Magic Of Golfing

Start Your Dream Golf Phuket To Discover The Magic Of Golfing

Golf Phuket has now become more popular and most tourists consider the trip to Phuket is more like a golf holiday. Without doubt, Phuket has been over the years the premier, world-class destinations to host most international famous golf tournaments, and regularly the island is visited by top international players. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and just the place to go for a fun filled getaway. One of Thailand's most popular destinations, Phuket is best known for its sun-drenched beaches, dizzying array of nightlife and the round of golfing which is really a mesmerizing thing in Phuket.

Reality Amazes In Golf Phuket

Phuket is situated in the Andaman Sea waters on Thailand's Indian Ocean coastline. Phuket's tranquil beaches, islands and abundant natural wonders bring a serene and magical air to Phuket Island that is evident in both the achievements of the environment and the personalities of the people. Well, true in reality golfing and the ocean seem to be relatively apart. However, when you combine this popular sport with the exotic beauty of this pearl shaped island, what you get is the amazing experience of Golf Phuket, which is truly unique. For those who follow an active lifestyle and take pleasure in the challenges of golfing, Phuket golf provides them with a best path.

Endless Golf Phuket Experience

Phuket is not just a destination for leisure travelers. World class golf courses also make the island a golfers' paradise. The Golf Phuket offers stunning landscapes and challenging playing experiences for beginners and expert golfers alike. With its everlasting white beaches, cooling blue lagoons and tropical mountainous interior, it provides a stunning and glorious image of paradise on earth, providing an ideal backdrop for the golf holidays in Phuket. No matter whether golf is to be the main focus of your vacation in Thailand or just one of many exciting activities you have planned, it is important to deal with friendly guide that can set up an enjoyable golfing experience for you.

Phuket Golf Holidays specialize in tailor made golfing holiday. Our itineraries are all customizable according to your preferred travel period, specific touring needs and budget. Through our first class golf tours, you will be able to stay at the finest places in Phuket and play golf at some of the most exclusive golf clubs whilst travelling in style and comfort. Our golf travel signature is the personal touch, at all stages of your golf tour, from the initial planning through to when you board your plane back home.

The Golf Phuket allows you to play golf on some of the country’s top golf courses. Immerse yourself in Phuket’s exciting golf courses where you’re sure to have a well-rounded, fun-filled golfing holiday.

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Explore Laguna Phuket Golf Club For Finding The Divine Golfing Retreat

Explore Laguna Phuket Golf Club For Finding The Divine Golfing Retreat


The Laguna Phuket Club is firmly established as one of the premier facilities in south East Asia for golf and leisure. Beneath the lovely mountains and that surround and within easy reach of Phuket town and the most popular holiday bases, the Laguna Phuket Golf Club is a fantastic option during a first class Thailand golf holiday. The challenging yet extremely enjoyable layout has been carved into to the sublime natural landscape, characterized by lovely lagoons and coconut groves. Award winning Laguna Phuket Golf Club features a wealth of tropical scenic lagoons and undulating fairways set against a stunning backdrop of mountains and nearby sea.

Laguna is a Phuket resort golf course with pleasant breezes from the Andaman Sea. It is not too demanding and reflects the natural beauty and tropical surroundings of Bang Tao Bay. This Laguna Phuket Golf Club is set on a valley floor overlooked by low wooded hills. The fairways flow nicely, the bunkers are molded, and the greens are generally large and welcoming. The front nine are particularly gentle; while some difficulty comes into play by the time you reach the turn. The facilities here are 5 stars as you would expect within the Laguna Hotel complex which includes the famous Banyan Tree Spa and the restaurant, Banyan Cafe.

Laguna Phuket Golf Club has a most attractive course with a backdrop of mountains and the sea nearby. The Laguna Phuket Golf Club boasts an excellent 18 hole golf course in the beautiful surroundings of Bang Tao beach. The golf course is a very pleasant parkland layout, undulating with excellent playing surfaces and conditions. Fairway tiers, depressions and mounds dominate play. Wide fairways are seemingly easy, but golfers still need to position their ball to have good scoring opportunities. The course meanders through a labyrinth of lagoons that requires golfers to play with accuracy, and to select clubs carefully.

If you’ve always dreamt of visiting one of the most iconic and an awe-inspiring attraction in the area, PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS is here to help you find the best golfing arrangement at Laguna Phuket Golf Club, Thailand. Touted as being among the most tourist-friendly accommodation around, the hotels here allow you easy access to the must-see spots on your list, so you can be amazed while basking in the beauty that this Phuket course is famous for.

The Laguna Phuket Golf Club is a good choice for a fun day out on the links. It offers a wonderful opportunity for you to refine your game at its extensive practice facilities to get the best of services. Get more information to visit our blog page @ goo.gl/4PxVdZ